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  2. GhostlyGangsta
  4. Ghostly Gangster
  5. ghost gangster
  6. Ghostly Gangsta
  7. ghost
  8. GhostlyGonorrhoea
  9. Ghastly Gangasta
  10. AA
  11. Anonymous Amalgam
  12. doc idle, who is also AA
  13. friend absurd
  14. Anamalous Amalgam
  16. ghost ganglord
  17. anamal
  18. JoeJon

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Golgatha, New Mexico
  2. Played in CYOR: The Grand Return
  3. Played in CYOS: The Swan Songs
  4. Played in Three Axis Mafia
  5. Played in Role Madness 3
  6. Played in Open Concept Mafia
  7. Played in Star Trek: The Next Generation
  8. Moderator in Mortal Kombatfia
  9. Played in Wild and Crazy Kids
  10. Played in Hotline Mafia
  11. Played in The Great War CYOR
  12. Played in The League II
  13. Moderator in Dungeons & Dragons, a game of Mafia
  14. Played in Rebels in the Palace
  15. Played in Hip-Hopfia 1.5
  16. Played in Gnomefia: A Supreme Lack of Hope
  17. Moderator in Eldritch Tales, a game of Mafia
  18. Played in Roughshod in Ruzelia - A Game of Mafia
  19. Played in War in the Palace
  20. Played in Earthbound-fia: After the Credits
  21. Played in WIFOA: A Political Mess
  22. Spectator in Panic at the Miss Pecan Pie Pageant
  23. Played in Everyone is a Rolecop & Tracker
  24. Played in Funfia -A fun game of mafia
  25. Played in Christmas in July
  26. Moderator in The Cult in Pinetop, a game of Mafia
  27. Spectator in Restrictive Diet Mafia: I have no stomach and I must eat.
  28. Spectator in The Tournament of Heroes
  29. Played in El Dorado 3 - Destruction in the Wastes
  30. Played in NYC `77
  31. Moderator in Dungeons & Dragons: War in the Underdark, a game of Mafia
  32. Played in Dark Souls (Mafia) An Undead Favorite
  33. Played in Poisoned!
  34. Played in Monster Hunter Mafia
  35. Played in Harry and the Hendersons
  36. Moderator in ALIEN: Eradication, a game of Mafia
  37. Played in Bad, Weird, and Funny Local Florida Commercials
  38. Played in Shine
  39. Spectator in Best forums mafia 2016 of all time
  40. Played in Stargate SG1: The Return of Ra
  41. Spectator in Wacky Wild & Weird Kink Mafia (mafia) 5P
  42. Played in Choose Your Own Monkey's Paw
  43. Played in Shit or Scrummbles
  44. Spectator in Please play this mafia game. There will be no serial killers.
  45. Played in Runescape Mafia #1
  46. Spectator in Misfire Mafia
  47. Moderator in UnOrdinary Mafia
  48. Played in Overwatch
  49. Played in Warriors, an NBA C9++ Internet Forums Game
  50. Played in Ham: The Game
  51. Played in Hamilton: The City That Never Sleeps
  52. Played in Drawrof Mafia
  53. Moderator in Mafia Quickies
  54. Played in Ramen
  55. Played in You Must be New Here
  56. Played in Popularity Contest Two: Screw You
  57. Played in A Disney wedding, mafia styles.
  58. Played in Ferngully!
  60. Played in Shine II: The Chicago Outfit
  61. Played in Pinball Mafia
  62. Played in Joe Mafia
  63. Moderator in Third-Party Apocalypse
  64. Played in No Holds Barred (No Standard Rules Mafia)
  65. Played in Boring Corey Chronicles: The Final Battle
  66. Played in The League III
  67. Spectator in assassin game (minis)
  68. Moderator in SLASHER
  69. Played in the crowd sourced mafia game
  70. Played in PARTY - a place of miniature business
  71. Played in In re Lacenda - A Game of Mafia
  72. Played in Cannibal (not the musical fuck you trey parker and matt stone) Mafia
  73. Played in An Absurd Dawning: Wedding of the Century
  74. Played in Back to Basics
  75. Played in Super Smash Soldiers: BLUE THREAD
  76. Played in Shine III: Spirits of New Orleans
  77. Played in Checkmate! Board Game Mafia!
  78. Played in Cat Lady Mafia
  79. Played in NES Accessory Mafia
  80. Moderator in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition: The Horrors of Mount Death Frost
  81. Played in Rebels in the Death Star
  82. Played in Demon Summoner -=Mafia=-
  83. Moderator in Internet Arguing the Game
  84. Played in The Paupers of Podlima - A Game of Mafia
  85. Played in The Avantian Courier - A Game of Mafia
  86. Played in The Last Bastion
  87. Played in Final Fantasy 4 Mafia
  88. Played in Gashapon Mafia
  89. Moderator in Bullet Hell, a game of Mafia
  90. Played in A Gateway to Greed - A Game of Mafia
  91. Played in Palette cleanser
  92. Played in Icebound: A Nailbiter Game
  93. Played in Choose Your Own NES Cartridge
  94. Played in The Ravenswood Haunting - A Game of Mafia
  95. Played in Super Choose Your Own Cartridge Mafia
  96. Played in Assassin in Attilan
  97. Played in Flipless Mafia
  98. Played in Minifauxnen's Mafia
  99. Spectator in Super Smash Soldiers SIGNUP!
  100. Played in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  101. Played in Shine V: The Division del Norte
  102. Played in Pretty, pretty, pretty good Mafia
  103. Spectator in The World Ends With !
  104. Played in Fate/stay Night Mafia
  105. Played in Final Fantasy 7
  106. Played in Super Kawaii Slice of Life Anime Mafia!
  107. Played in Wandering Samurai
  108. Played in Westworld
  109. Played in School Adventure Anime Mafia
  110. Played in A Council of Wizards
  111. Played in Doki Doki Mafia Club
  112. Played in Goodsmead: The Day the Sky Fell
  113. Played in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - Thrills, Spills, Kills
  114. Played in Dragonball Z Mafia 2 - Androids Edition
  115. Spectator in MYST Mafia
  116. Moderator in Sunshine Mafia
  117. Played in Terror Aboard the USRSS Pequod
  118. Played in Opus Falconis - A Game of Mafia
  119. Played in Throne of Lies Mafia
  120. Played in The Murder of St. Leroux - A Game of Mafia
  121. Played in Mafia Emblem: Awakening
  122. Played in Heat
  123. Played in You'll Never See It Coming - Persona 5 Mafia
  124. Played in Goons and Dicks - A Game of Mafia
  125. Played in Yu-Gi-Oh Mafia
  126. Played in Town of Salem 2 - A Ranked Revenge!
  127. Played in Winefia - A Chalice Full of Poison
  128. Played in Prey Mafia - the most lethal game of hide and seek
  129. Played in The Fifth Element
  130. Played in Prom Mafia
  131. Played in Pokemon Mafia - Gotta lynch them all!
  132. Played in Scooby Doo 2 Mafia - The Legendary Unusual Carnival
  133. Played in Final Fantasy Tactics Mafia - Another stupid Cpig game.
  134. Played in A Clash of Crocodiles - A Game of Mafia
  135. Spectator in Shine VI: Fool's Gold
  136. Played in Buffy Mafia
  138. Played in The Thing
  139. Played in Mega Man X Mafia - A Role Madness Game!
  140. Spectator in Verge: A Cyberpunk Mafia Game - New Horizons, Same Old $#*!
  141. Played in Grad School Mafia
  142. Spectator in Conflict in Amaranth - A Game of Mafia
  143. Moderator in Alternating 9P Mafia
  144. Spectator in Jimmydalad Mafia - This surely can't go wrong at all
  145. Spectator in CYOR Mashup!
  146. Spectator in Magical Girl Mafia
  147. Played in Sandman - A game of mafia
  148. Played in How the Scum Stole Xmas 8
  149. Played in Golden Kamafia
  150. Played in Final Fantasy Mafia
  151. Played in pera No Mafia
  152. Spectator in House Party Mafia - Party Like There's No Tomorrow!
  153. Played in Pera No Mafia: Once More, With Feeling
  154. Played in Pokemon Mafia 2 - Electric Type Boogaloo
  155. Played in Convalescence
  156. Played in Push Button, Receive Vig
  157. Played in Hot Lake Hotel
  158. Played in West Hutchinson #2 - Prosecution in Plains City - A Game of Mafia
  159. Played in Bus Derby Mafia
  160. Played in Cold Distance - Mafia
  161. Played in Magical Creatures Mafia
  163. Played in 13 Dead End Drive
  164. Played in Hidden Role Mafia
  165. Played in Choose somebody else's role Mafia
  166. Played in Avengers: We're In The LYLO Now
  167. Played in Yobomakeanos Mafia
  168. Played in Yobomakeanos 2: ENDGAME
  169. Played in Dethy Memorial Police Academy Mafia
  170. Played in Old Video Games Mafia CYOR
  171. Played in Social Justice CYOR
  172. Played in First In First Out Mafia
  173. Played in The Death of Stalin
  174. Played in Mega Man Mafia 3 (M33) - The Fall Of The House Of Wily
  175. Played in Doug Mafia
  177. Played in When the Seagulls Cry Mafia: Chapter 1
  178. Played in "Everyone has passive abilities" MAFIA
  179. Played in Virtual 'Tuber' Mafia Part I
  180. Played in Wunnenburg Workshops Mafia (part 1)
  181. Played in How the Scum St9le Xmas
  182. Played in Everyone's a Cop!
  183. Played in Fate Mafia 2: Soldiers - The Mages' Association - The Red Faction
  184. Played in Albert Brooksfia
  185. Played in Europa Universalis
  186. Played in Monster Hunter Mafia
  187. Played in Dragon Quest Builders Mafia - A soldiers-like for 21 people
  188. Played in Two Post Mafia
  189. Played in Myth Mafia
  190. Spectator in Telephone Mafia
  191. Spectator in Final Fantasy 8 Mafia
  192. Spectator in Cartoon Wars (Make up the Roles Mafia)
  193. Played in The Corona Outbreak
  194. Spectator in Hidden Role Mafia 2: Help, I turned my scumbro into a fish
  195. Spectator in Shine VII: The Longest Day
  196. Spectator in Tiger King