Votefinder: Player: Captain Foo (pronouns: he/him)

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  1. Foo
  2. Captain StinkyPoopButt
  3. Hong Kong Fooey
  4. cap foo
  5. epicphoton
  6. capt foo
  7. CaptainFoo

Currently Active Games:

  1. Alive in ACAB Dethy Mafia - Day 4!
  2. Alive in Secret Passages - The dramatic conclusion: EVIL WINS!

Old Games:

  1. Played in The Siege of G.R.O.S.S. - A Calvin and Hobbes Mafia
  2. Spectator in minimalist mafia
  3. Played in Mafia: The Killers of Kush
  4. Played in Bare Bones Mini-Mafia
  5. Played in Duck Hunt
  6. Spectator in Twitter
  7. Played in butt
  8. Played in This Mod is a Liar.
  9. Spectator in peta is a big smelly butt
  10. Played in Paranoia
  11. Spectator in Drawfia
  12. Played in Flavorless
  13. Played in The Deluge - A Game of Mafia
  15. Played in Generic Fantasy Forest Mafia
  16. Moderator in Wizards Mafia: The Ivory Tower of the Zeranim
  17. Played in Another Prisoner's Dilemma
  18. Played in Mafia Discussion Thread
  19. Played in Shithole Bar Mini Mafia!
  20. Moderator in Brofia: Sigma Alpha House
  21. Played in RuPaul's Drag Mafia
  22. Played in Murder At The Psychics Ball: Who Will Have Done It?
  23. Played in A Delirious Dilemma in the Depths of Dementia - A Game of Mafia
  24. Played in Mafia Mafia
  25. Played in Lego Mafia
  26. Played in Unknown Armies: A Darkling Plain
  27. Moderator in Apocalypse World
  28. Spectator in BREAD and BUTTER
  29. Played in Hotline Mafia
  30. Played in Hip-Hopfia 1.5
  31. Played in Everyone is a Rolecop & Tracker
  32. Spectator in Funfia -A fun game of mafia
  33. Played in This is Complete Bullshit
  34. Moderator in XCOM: Enemy Within
  35. Moderator in XCOM: Enemy Within II - Base Defense
  36. Played in Mad Max: Fury Road
  37. Spectator in Emoji Mafia
  38. Moderator in Wizards Mafia II: Return to the Ivory Tower
  39. Played in Everyone Gets a Dayvig
  40. Played in Galaxy Pork 2525: Bacon Beauties from Beyond Betelgeuse - A Game of Mafia
  41. Played in Scooby Doo Mafia - The Haunted Hilltop Hotel
  42. Spectator in POPCON: Creative Writing Edition
  43. Spectator in Quantum Mafia: Schrodinger's Scum
  44. Played in Battlestar Galactica: Thirty-Three
  45. Played in Battlestar Galactica II: Bastille Day
  46. Spectator in XCOM: A Nailbiter Setup
  47. Played in Shine III: Spirits of New Orleans
  48. Moderator in JERKCITY II
  49. Played in The Outfit: a Game of Mafia
  50. Spectator in Goonfights 3: Apocalypse.
  51. Played in Shine IV: Murder on the Sunset Limited
  52. Moderator in Cats!
  53. Moderator in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  54. Moderator in Shine V: The Texas State Guard
  55. Moderator in Shine V: The Division del Norte
  56. Played in Heat
  57. Played in Suffusion
  58. Played in Convalescence
  59. Played in bastard modfia 3
  60. Played in Shine VII: The Longest Day
  61. Moderator in shitpost c9 (itt we test votefinder) day 1